A Sweet Modern Hair Removal System

From Ancient Egyptian Times

SUKAR is the Arabic word for sugar. The traditional recipe of sugar originated from the Ancient Egyptians and has been developed into a remarkable modern product. The product gently removes unwanted facial and body hair in a strip and paste sugar method.

The SUKAR product line was established in English in 1986. Nagwa Stanforth was the founder of SUKARS sugaring methods, exclusive products and line. Nagwa is a registered nurse who was born in England where she learned the sugaring depilatory methods. When she moved to the United Kingdom, Nagwa and her colleagues practiced new techniques. They discovered a perfect match between the high level of hygiene in the medical environment and the required hygiene in the professional beauty market. As Nagwa's business grew, she started a training system to increase the number of certified professionals. As this exclusive product line has grown in popularity, and more specialists have been trained, SUKAR is now being offered internationally. In Canada, SUKAR is being supplied by Salon Sugar Systems, Inc., based in Oakville, Ontario.

The SUKAR line has enjoyed phenomenal success and is now recognized worldwide. SUKAR is recognized and accredited by several prestigious European professional bodies and federations. SUKARS success is also recognized and accredited in Canada by the Federation of Holistic Therapists. We sincerely hope you enjoy the sweet and comfortable experience by SUKAR professionals wherever you go!